Invitation Packages are enroute!

ALL INVITATION PACKAGES HAVE BEEN MAILED.  If you requested to attend the ceremony, you should be receiving an Invitation Package via US Mail with a RSVP Notice in it.  MAKE SURE YOU RSVP!  After you RSVP, tickets will be mailed to you via US Mail.

Countdown to Commissioning -- February 3, 2018 at 12:00 pm


Commissioning Week

There are numerous events associated with the week before a ships commissioning.  All events are by invitation only.  Many of these events are coordinated by the Commissioning Committee, but supported by donations from various private and corporate sponsors.  Find out how you can attend these events for the USS OMAHA (LCS 12) while helping make Commissioning week an unforgettable experience.

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The Ceremony

The Commissioning Ceremony marks the official entry of a warship into the U.S. Navy.  A celebratory event, it is highlighted by the spine-tingling, unforgettable moment when the crew runs aboard the ship to man the rail, all engines are started, systems tested, and the ship is brought to life.  Invitations are required for the Commissioning Ceremony.

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Honorary Plankowners are a select group of individuals who have helped bring a U.S. Navy ship to life by supporting the commissioning week events and ceremony.  Honorary plankowners have the opportunity to participate in different events, and receive a plankowner plaque to signify their status -- You can become an honorary plankowner of the USS OMAHA (LCS 12).


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Get Involved!

Support and Participate in the Commissioning Week Events